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About Us: Tutoring in Vancouver


Vancouver Academic Tutoring Services, Inc. was founded in 1998 by a post-secondary instructor who recognized the need for individualized learning programs.

Armed with a Master's in Education and a Master's of Science, his career in the educational field has spanned across working with preschool age students, elementary, secondary and post-secondary students for nearly thirty years. In 2006, he was recognized with a post-secondary Teaching Excellence Award. As one can imagine, the tremendous breadth of his experience has touched and influenced many children: gifted students, students with unique learning styles, special needs students, physically challenged students, students identified with ADHD or ADD, and students in general education.

Additionally, his education and management experience has provided insight to many different teachers, students, and parents. Working with each individual child's learning style, he has developed strategies for successful study habits and home-school connections. He has helped underachieving gifted children build towards academic progress reports that better reflect these children's capabilities.

Our tutors have the personality and ability to bring out the best in our students -- which combined with our assessment expertise, helps to ensure Vancouver Academic Tutoring Service Inc.’s success. Our tutors are highly educated. Most are credentialed primary or secondary teachers, and some teach at the post-secondary level. Your child will be matched with a tutor qualified and specialized in the subject areas that your child needs. Our goal is overcome your child's learning obstacles and help him or her realise his or her full potential. Every child is capable of achieving personal success.

We provide tutors for all academic subjects from Kindergarten to Grade 12.

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"We are so pleased with the results - the tutors helped my child become inspired to learn. I highly recommend Vancouver Academic Tutoring Services, Inc. to anyone that takes their child's education seriously"
-Mr. B. Li

Thank you, Vancouver Academic Tutoring Services, Inc.  My child loves to read books now.
-Mrs. C. Chan

This was the best service.  I could get supper on the table while overseeing my child's education: personalized attention and better grades!  Thank you.
-Mrs. M.B. Wong